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training intensive with Robert Lunte in Seattle


Get serious about your TVS voice training and train your voice privately with Robert Lunte at the TVS Studios in Seattle, WA USA.

Intensive voice training is the fastest way to take your singing to an expert level . The Training Intensive course with Robert Lunte is a great experience and will improve your vocal technique rapidly. The intensive character of this private singing course of between 12 and 36 hours guarantees massive improvements of your range and pitch. Optionally you can get recognized as an accomplished singer by earning the TVS certificate. This in depth intensive voice training covers cutting edge vocal techniques and methods including:

Learn how to sing seamlessly from your chest voice to your head voice without breaking or constriction.

Train the latest vocal techniques such as: vocal distortion, vocal twang, vowel modification & secrets of how to expand your range to 4+ octaves!

Control constriction and straining on high notes.

Master the TVS Formant Package, Intrinsic Anchoring, Vocal Modes and other cutting-edge concepts that have made TVS a recognized innovator in voice technique the world over .

Master both kinds of TVS screams; ESP’s (Extreme Scream Pitch) and ESD’s (Extreme Scream Distortion).

Enjoy the extensive coaching of a recognized vocal expert and earn the well recognized TVS certificate as a singer or vocal coach.

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VIDEO: Introducing the Training Intensive Program

Review For TVS Training Intensives

“I am a vocal coach since early 2000 and also fully certified TVS vocalist, trained in person by Robert in Seattle. Before meeting Robert I studied several methods from top vocal coaches around the world, but Robert and his powerful training techniques has rapidly transformed, strengthened and rehabilitated my voice. Robert is patient and understanding but also makes you do things correctly. He never gives up on you but patiently works with you. Adrian:”
Reviewed by: Adrian from Australia (Sydney, Melbourne). on 8/29/2012

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