Justin Radomile – The Virtual Memorial

JUSTIN RADOMILE ...was my cousin.   Justin Radomile was my closest cousin and I will miss him. He left us on July 1st, 2014. I noticed there was no online presence or "memorial" for Justin when I ran a search for his name on Google. Therefore, I have published this post with photos that friends, family and colleagues can enjoy. Additionally, you can  leave a comment below in his honor and memory. Feel free to share a positive or funny story about Justin. If you have any great pictures of him, please send it to me and Ill … [Read more...]

Singercizing In The Rain!

SINGERCIZING IN THE RAIN! A Demonstration of Top Singercizing Techniques To “Singercize” is to perform vocalizes and workouts outside of your regularly scheduled vocal training sessions, with the purpose of reinforcing your muscle memory and techniques.  When you are working on slow and controlled sirens sitting in traffic, or in the shower, you are “Singercizing”.  When you Singercize, you usually don’t have the benefit of a perfect environment.  Nevertheless, you are productively using your spare time to reinforce the techniques you are … [Read more...]

Singing Narrowed Vowels – Head Voice Techniques

SINGING NARROWED VOWELS WHAT THE HELL IS A "SNILE"?! I have formulated a new idea this morning that is great... I share with thee... This is a technique that is used to help train singing through narrowed vowels and improving the articulation of your lyrics when singing high. This technique is also great for resonating to forward positions and amplifying the "cup" of the hard palette.  A snile is a cross between a sneer and a smile. It is used in singing to help narrow singing vowels to maintain intrinsic musculature support and stability … [Read more...]

Vocal Technique Training VS. Coaching Singing Styles

Do NOT Get Confused About Singing Styles vs Training Techniques!   Robert Lunte clarifies for students of TVS that there is a difference between training vocal technique and coaching different styles of singing. Vocal technique enables you to sing ANY style of music you want to and what you apply from voice technique training, is entirely up to you, the student of singing and what you want to do with your voice. Do NOT make the mistake of concluding that TVS singing techniques will make you sound like Robert Lunte or other students that … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Singing!

The Psychology Of Singing - Video Lecture A great video lecture on the psychology of singing by Robert Lunte, founder of The Vocalist Studio International. The psychology of singing: students of singing spend a lot of time chasing the physiology involved in singing technique. This approach neglects the need to better understand the role that the acoustics of singing play in helping a singer's voice transcend to new levels of world class excellence. Beyond the acoustics, there is another realm of consideration, the mental programming of … [Read more...]


STOP HITTING NOTES &START SHIFTING FORMANTS! Hitting High Notes & The Imagery Of Singing In this video Robert Lunte, author and producer of "The Four Pillars of Singing" discusses and demonstrates the importance of beginning every singing note with proper imagery. One particular problem that singers create for themselves is constantly referring to their struggle to sing higher frequencies as "Hitting a High Note". This is creating a problem for singers, watch this video and learn why. Video: STOP HITTING NOTES & START SHIFTING … [Read more...]

Onsets And Sirens – Building a Foundation for Singing

Onsets And Sirens : Build Amazing Strength And Coordination In Your Singing Voice There is no better way to train your phonation package deep inside your muscle memory than a slow and controlled siren through every micro-tone of your voice. Practicing with sirens works directly to build super, high performance vocal coordination. Practicing slow and controlled sirens prevents you from cheating and skipping over the hard parts in your voice, such as the Passaggio and low head tones. Skipping over the hard parts and avoiding what is difficult … [Read more...]

Online Vocal Training Now Available!

THE FOUR PILLARS OF SINGING: Online Vocal Training (Now Also On Any Mobile Device!) The mobile online vocal training offering from The Vocalist Studio is an on demand web based system of "The Four Pillars of Singing" that you can access from anywhere and from any device. Now you can train with the "The Four Pillars of Singing" on your iphone, ipad, , MSFT devices, android, blackberry and from any computer that has access to the internet. The online and mobile solution gives you complete freedom to view and train with your copy of "Pillars" in … [Read more...]